[Official] Aruba S2500 Managed Ethernet Switch (PoE+/10GSFP+)

Just in case these transceivers work on ArubaS2500-48P

(ArubaS2500-48P) #show interface transceivers

Transceiver not present

Vendor Name                                : FINISAR CORP.
Vendor Serial Number                       : AJ40L43
Vendor Part Number                         : FTLX8571D3BNL-E
Aruba Certified                            : NO
Cable Type                                 : 10GBASE-SR
Connector Type                             : LC
Wave Length                                : 850 nm

Vendor Name                                : FINISAR CORP.
Vendor Serial Number                       : AM10VPB
Vendor Part Number                         : FTLX8571D3BNL-E
Aruba Certified                            : NO
Cable Type                                 : 10GBASE-SR
Connector Type                             : LC
Wave Length                                : 850 nm

Vendor Name                                : FS
Vendor Serial Number                       : C1904026867-2
Vendor Part Number                         : SFPP-PC015
Aruba Certified                            : NO
Cable Type                                 : 10GBASE-DAC-P
Connector Type                             : Copper Pigtail
Wave Length                                : 65535 nm
Cable Length                               : 3m```

I’m happy I found this thread. I’ve been looking for a quiet (or fanless) 24-port or 48-port POE+ L3 switch with 10 Gbps uplinks, and I have been looking into the Cisco CBS250-24P-4X switch. The switch will be in my office around 2.5’ away from my ear, so I need it to be silent.

So, after reading the original post in this thread and watching a video, I’ve decided to go with the Aruba S2500 POE+ switch with the Noctua fans’ mod.

I have two questions:

  1. Would getting a 24-port S2500 switch make it quieter with the Noctua mod switch than a 48-port S2500 switch?
  2. Why were 3-pin Noctua fans used instead of 4-pin Noctua fans with PWM? Would using PWM Noctua fans make the switch quieter? Will the PWM Noctua fans’ speed be able to be controlled by the S2500 switch?

I would appreciate a prompt reply to my quesitons, as I’m trying to get the switch and complete the mod during the holidays.

Thank you!

Hello Everybody been a while.
Just wanted to share the latest release of the firmaware for the switch.

Its password protected since Google’s new dumb change.

Password: 1234
ArubaOS_MAS_7.4.0.7_80725 (15-Jul-2021)

Here are the supported variants of the switches with this firmware.


My understanding is that the 24P and 48P use the same 580W PSU. It can provide 30W 802.3at to 13 ports and 15W 802.3af to all ports. There are four 40mm fans, two in the chassis and two in the PSU; they idle at 5k rpm. Keep an eye on the temps (show inv); the Noctuas aren’t great on static pressure. I’ve mentioned some Sunons that also work well. #networking channel on the Discord server.

I’ve replaced the fans in an S2500-48p-4X switch. There are four fans altogether. Two are for the PSU, and two are for the rest of the switch. They are the same fans, and all four of them are mounted to the right side of the switch.

The switch is now significantly quieter. The fans are used are Noctua PWM with four-pin cables. Same Noctua fans as in the YouTube video but PWM instead of LFX.

Correction: all four fans are on the left side of the switch if you face the 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

To do the 10G network at home.

I got a few questions now.

  1. What desktop did you use and which one is the cheapest to get?
  2. And which NAS did you build? What is the cheapest out there?

I did buy the nothing else then the Aruba 2500 switch and the silent fans. Didn’t do the silent fan mod as yet.

I went ahead and bought this cheap lenovo machine that is confirmed to have a PCIe 3 with 16x port.

After that I will need to get the mellonox cards with low profile and the transceivers and the cables…

Trying to go the cheapest way.

And if that goes well. I will get to build a nas with the same items mentioned up here to keep the cost low.

Thank you so much for this thread, @xijio!

After reading it, I’ve ordered an Aruba S2500 48P myself for 90$ sent (eBay), and I’ve received it.

I’ve reverted it to factory settings and flashed it according to your instructions (latest firmware, obtained from the new Aruba support portal at https://asp.arubanetworks.com) and it is working fine. This firmware is more recent than the referred

The switch is too noisy for me (sitting for now @ 4 feet / 120 cm from my desk), and I have decided to order some Noctua fans (Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM).

My contribution here: I had a couple of spare Noctua noise reducing cable sitting around (Noctua NA-SRC7, 4 Pin Low-Noise Adaptor Cables for PC Fans) and before jumping to order 4 Noctua fans I have tested them connected to the 2 PSU fans. Well, the result is very NOTICEABLE (but still not completely noiseless).

If connected to the 2 mainboard fans instead, I got an error message when starting the switch.

For now, I’ve ordered just two NF-A4x20 PWM fans for the 2 mainboard fans, and plan to combine them with the 2 noise reducing cables, since the Noctua fans are comparatively expensive (15$/each including one noise reducing cable as well). You can buy just the noise reducing cables for ~10$ for three units.

Let’s see if that’s enough for my use case…

I’m confused as to how you are trying to use that i3-4130 box… what is it for?

There should probably be an article on enabling portfast since it’s probably what most people want, at least for desktops and such. I can write one if there’s interest.

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Anybody happen to know how to upgrade firmware via CLI? I have 2 S2500-24Ps that the web GUI is pretty much mangled. Displays basically the header and that’s it, and that’s in compatibility mode in IE. In Firefox it just complains about the SSL level. Both are reset to default, release on them is

Anyway, I have several 48Ps all working happily on, some were that when I got them some were not, but I was able to upgrade all through the GUI. On these 24Ps I don’t even have a GUI. Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Managed to get it working after I’d thought I’d effectively bricked one of them. Ended up upgrading via USB, https://community.arubanetworks.com/browse/articles/blogviewer?blogkey=9ff167d5-5513-4ec3-a71e-0b97fc604d11 . A key omission here is that the USB stick needs to be formatted as FAT32, an NTFS formated one did not work. I noticed there was also CLI instructions in the firmware release notes.

FAT32 is generally implied when using anything non-Windows. I always use it as my baseline for firmware updates, flashes, etc. unless otherwise specified.

Perhaps, but it hasn’t been the default in a long long time. So I figured it was worth calling out.


I would like to have the instructions, please. Greatly appreciate.

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Thank you so much for the link, picked up 2 packs of these at Home Depot today and they worked perfectly.

Advice for future people who might be doing this mod with Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM fans (Amazon.com)
Noctua includes rubber screw things (4 per fan) that I tried using at first. They go in just fine and hold the fans securely but I couldn’t get the case closed and flush with them. Don’t attempt like I did and just go pick up or order some of the screws (they come with nuts) that Tomato suggested.

Did you have to re-pin the fans or did they work out of the box?

They work out of the box so long as you snip one of the plastic guides off (the middle one) the connector.

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Curious has anyone just cut a hole in the top of the case and screwed a couple of 80mm or 120mm fans to and got ride of those noisy fans on the side? I looked at the nocky fans but at 15$ each dont want to pay more in fans then I did on the switch.

Buy some Sunon maglev fans off ebay or Aliexpress. You can get them for around $5/fan.