NAS Killer Plex Transcoding Questions

Hello, Noob here. I’m intrested in building one of the NAS Killer builds. I have read through the guide and thinking about going with the Ultra-quiet “Plus” build. What kind of Plex Transcoding performance should I expect? How about compared to the “Ultimate” Rackmount build? Would these need a GPU for Transcoding?

Keep the NAS & Plex devices separate, follow the quicksync guide with an HP290 for plex, and build any NK4 guide for solid unraid nas functionality. The HP290 will provide you with the capbility of ~21 plex transcodes.


If you want to keep these as 1 device I believe the rule of thumb is ~2k passmark/transcode. So it all depends on how many transcodes you need (And bear in mind that direct play takes basically nothing from the cpu, it’s only the transcoding we’re talking about). I went this route at first, but the quicksync box has been MUCH more reliable.

Thank you! I’m going to go with the HP290. What size NVME drive would I need for ubuntu and Plex? All my movies and tv shows are on a Synology NAS.

While you can get it working on 120GB drive, you may run into the plex configuration folder using up most of your space. I started with 100GB and quickly filled it up. The Plex stores the database and metadata on your local drive not the network share. Depending on the size of your library and stuff like thumbnail generation the plex fodler will get to 50-100Gb.

I personally wouldn’t do anything less than 250GB and given the prices I would go 500GB.