NAS Killer 6.0 implications swapped CPU, Motherboard, and Case

Goals: Run a PLEX server that will run as a substitute for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and other streaming services (want a VPN to protect any services this is running); backup music library and stream; continuous backup of ~3 icloud accounts; continuous backup of ~7 google drive accounts; backup and maintain annual versions of the entirety of Wikipedia’s articles less media; backup ebook library; […Much down the line] smart home w/ automation and an LLM built in. No plan or realistic ambition to ever host a website or game servers.

QUESTION: I am following the NAS Killer 6.0 sample build ~except I already bought:

CPU: i3 gen 12 i3-12100T 2.20 GHz Alder Lake Alder SRL64 FCLGA1700 $104.22
Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z690 UD AX DDR4 LGA 1700 ATX Intel Motherboard $78

Case: am considering the Fractal Design R5 over the Cooler Master N400

Do my CPU and Motherboard/ Case decisions impact any of the other components on the 6.0 Build?

Type Item (link) Expected Price
CPU ALT i3 gen 12 i3-12100T 2.20 GHz Alder Lake Alder SRL64 FCLGA1700 $104
Motherboard ALT GIGABYTE Z690 UD AX DDR4 LGA 1700 ATX Intel Motherboard $78
RAM Silicon Power 32GB kit DDR4 (2x16GB) 3200MHz CL16 324 $48
Heatsink Thermalright Assassin X120 R SE CPU Air Cooler 300 $18
Case Option 1 Cooler Master N400 804 $85
Case Option 2 Fractal Design R5 $120
PSU Delta DPS-475CB 225 $16
HBA Adaptec ASR-7805 SAS2 568 $9
Cable SFF-8643 → SATA/SAS breakout (SFF-8482 w/ SATA power) (X2) 261 $34
Cable 2-pack SATA to 4xSATA power splitter 185 $12
Fans Arctic P12 PWM PST 120mm 5-pack 151 $33

Other than that am I still good to just buy the sample build components or am I overlooking anything? Thanks in advance! I’m new but ambitious and want to do this right.

Yes it looks like that MB takes DD4 RAM which is the only other component where it matters what the platform is, the rest of the items in the guide should work just fine.

The Fractal Design is a nicer case than the Cooler Master, If you can get it at a similar price I would prefer it, even if it costs a bit more it might be worth it if you think you will keep it around for a couple of upgrade cycles. That said so long as a case has sufficient airflow and room for your components it only really matters while you are building the system.

Just a heads up a few people have had issues with the Delta Power supply as it sounds like it comes in a few different variants some of which are not standard ATX dimensions. You could consider spending a little more on a power supply. Just like the case it really doesn’t matter so long as it supplies the required amount of power, but a higher quality power supply can be more efficient and might be less likely to fail and possibly take your motherboard with it.

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Thanks for the thoughtful post! Awesome, I’ll plan on the fractal then. Do you have a recommendation on the PSU?

And I’m planning on running this as long as possible. I’m not super interested in upgrading. But idk how long a build/ lifecycle I’m typically runs. I assume a piece may fail every few years and just keep swapping as things pop up.

I have had good luck with Gold / Platinum plus power supplies by Corsair, EVGA, and Seasonic in the 450 - 650 watt range. They typically cary 10 year warrenties, which of course you won’t be able to redeem if you buy second hand, but in general they are engineered to last about that long under normal use.

They also tend to be pretty efficient. The Corsair 2021 model RM550X in particular is well known for exceeding its labeled efficiency at very low load (under 50 watts). At $80 new it was a good value, but in the last few years power supplies have gotten crazy expensive and even used the RM550X will go for significantly over $100 which is not really worth it.

You may be able to find good deals on the EVGA 650 P2 which is a platinum rated 650 watt power supply that often goes for $40 - $60 used.

All that said the Delta is a perfectly fine power supply and if you can find it for around $20 in an ATX form factor (the issues people talked about were with the form factor not the functionality of the PSU) it might be best to go ahead and get that and then just keep a look out for a good deal on a brand name PSU to replace it with down the line.

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height info on the inexpensive Delta PSU options:
DPS-475CB-1 98mm height
DPS-400AB-13 97mm height
DPS-460DB-3 86mm height (standard ATX)
DPS-550HB 86mm height (standard ATX)
GPS-550LB 86mm height (standard ATX)


Thanks for the info this is very helpful!

Any chance this info can be added to the PSU section of the NK 6.0 Guide? It might save people some frustration down the line.

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