My current rack configuration

It’s almost complete (for now). Starting from the top is my 2U Chenbro server (Recently featured here), which runs Plex and Tdarr on Ubuntu Server 20.04. It has a Celeron G4900, 16GB of RAM, a Mellanox ConnectX-2 10 Gigabit SFP+ NIC, an old Intel 120GB SATA SSD for boot and Tdarr transcode cache, and a 256GB m.2 NVMe SSD for Plex metadata.

Next down is my Rosewill L4500 4U file server. It’s running a SuperMicro X10SLL-F with a Xeon E3-1276 v3, 32GB of RAM, another Mellanox card, an LSI 9201-16e and an LSI 9201-16i. It has a 240GB boot SSD, with a pair of 960GB SSDs for incoming files and unpacking. It also runs Ubuntu Server 20.04. The 16i is connected to the internal spinning drives (a mix of 4TB-10TB drives), and the 16e is connected to the 3 chassis below.

In the middle are a pair of identical SuperMicro SC846 chassis that are being used for disk storage only. Each chassis has a BPN-SAS-846EL1 backplane, with a single PWS-920P-SQ power supply. The backplane is SAS1 3Gbps only, but it does work with larger than 2TB drives as long as you don’t fill it completely. The bottom right bay in each chassis has no drive in it, all other bays are filled with an assortment of 3TB-10TB drives.

Towards the bottom is my Chenbro NR40700 48-drive chassis. This chassis is also used for disk storage only. It has a pair of 24-drive expander backplanes and currently has a pair of 820 watt hot-swappable PSUs, but I am planning on removing the hot swap PSUs and replacing them with a larger standard ATX supply at some point. It also has a mix of 3TB-10TB drives.

At the very bottom is a CyberPower OR2200PFCRT2U 2U 2000VA UPS. Yes, I know, rack mountable UPSes are a waste of money, you can get a freestanding unit cheaper, but when I bought it 5 years ago they were a lot cheaper, and I had a lot of Amazon gift cards to spend.

Oh yeah, and not pictured in the back is a TP Link 16-port managed switch, in the 1U space in the middle between the two SuperMicro chassis. It is being severely underutilized at the moment, with only 4 ports in use.


nice setup, and love the symmetry in leaving the 1U between each box.

But with the 5U left, why not throw the switch up front for some “rack bling” :smile:

Having the cables on the front of a network only rack is one thing, but I really don’t like the trend of everyone putting all their networking equipment on the front of a server rack, only to run the cables around to the back, where all the other equipment has its network ports. At worst you have a spaghetti mess dangling in front of your servers, and at best you have a thick bundle of cables sneaking through or around the rack somewhere to connect to the rest of the equipment.

Goodness, that is one good looking rack setup!

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