Multipurpose unraid build. A sanity check

The Intro

Hello, I am planning a server build to replace old equipment I am currently utilizing. This will be my first experience with Unraid so I am hoping to receive confirmations or corrections of my understanding of the software. The starting point of this build is the Intel 9900k, currently on sale at Microcenter right now.

The Use Cases

  1. NAS
  2. Homelab VMs & Containers
  3. Gaming VM

The Build

Parts were (primarily) selected based on:

  • Availability at microcenter to facility a one-stop-shop
  • Cost to performance ratio
  • Features
  • Ability to accomplish goals
  • Wiggle room for upgrades or adjustments

The Parts

Component Product Price
CPU Intel Core i9-9900K 605
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 115
Motherboard Asus PRIME Z390-A cpubundle
Memory Ripjaws V 64GB(4x16) 3200CL16 225
Storage (1x) Samsung 970 EvoPlus 1TB NVME cpubundle
Storage (1x) Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SATA 104
Storage (3x) 12TB Shucked WD Elements on-hand
Video Card 980 Ti (placeholder) on-hand
Case Cooler Master NR600 70
Power Supply EVGA BQ 650 W 80
Other Intel Pro 1000 PT on-hand

The Drive Configuration

Quantity Size Details Purpose
1 12TB Shucked WD Elements Parity
2 12TB Shucked WD Elements Array
1 1TB 970 EVO+ NVME Passthru for Windows Gaming VM
1 1TB 860 EVO SATA Unassigned for VM+Containers

The PCIe & SATA Configuration

Confirmation on my PCIe lane assignment would be appreciated. Please see the extra section for reference material

Slot Lanes Device
PCIEX16_1 16 970ti
PCIEX16_2 0 n/a
PCIEX16_3 4 Intel Pro 1000 PT
M.2_1 4 970 EvoPlus
M.2_2 0 n/a
SATA6G_1 n/a Shucked WD Elements
SATA6G_2 n/a Shucked WD Elements
SATA6G_3 n/a Shucked WD Elements
SATA6G_4 n/a 860 EVO

The Extras

This is some of the supplemental information and quick references I gathered to help make my decisions

Mobo Manual

Mobo Chipset Block Diagram

Mobo Expansion Slot and Storage documentation

Mobo Layout

9900K are $300 at MicroCenter if you have one near you…

Otherwise, I’d wait till Zen 3 releases.

Admittedly, the closest microcenter is 2hrs away but i’ve never been to one! Plus I’d like to make a day out of it to roadtrip and visit the surrounding area.
I’ve always built intel and while I acknowledge its kind of nonsense, I just feel more comfortable sticking to it.
Thanks for taking a look!

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There’s also no reason to go for Samsung EVO series SSDs, they are way too expensive for what you need.

Take a look at some of these enterprise SSDs in this list below: