Mini Itx Synology Killer (First Build)

Looking to run Sonarr, Radarr, SabNZB, Plex.
Got a lil help from a couple people here pointing me in the right direction. Tried to follow the sample build but couldn’t find the mobo anywhere so this is what I ended up with. Would this be able to handle ~4/5 1080 transcodes while still running everything else?

Case — Fractal Node 304

CPU — Intel Core i3 8100

Mobo — ASUS Prime H310I Plus

NVMe SSD — Sabrent 256gb Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 256gb

Storage — WD RED PRO 2x4TB (2 to start)

From Amazon $110each. (The WD EasyStore drives to shuck are $100…I don’t mind the extra $10 each).

RAM — Crucial DDR4 2400 2x8gb

I think that’s a complete build besides some wires correct? Hopefully I did okay!! Lemme know what ya think. Big thanks to @Loheiman for helping a noob like me get something together!

This motherboard is cheaper, and is a slightly better fit for that case.
It has 2 PCIe expansion!

If you need the power of the i3-8100, get that… but for simple NAS use the G4900T is about 1/3 the price when using the “best offer” feature. It can still handle a ton of transcodes. It’s slower if you’re doing unpacking and whatnot, but you could limit those things to a single core to reduce their impact.

That mobo will fit? I’m a little confused as the case is a mini ITX but the mobo is a micro atx? I’m still learning so please excuse the noob questions.

And also idk if I need the power of the i3 or not…I wanna run the typical Plex setup (Sonarr Radarr SabNZB Plex) with the ability to transcode 4-5 simultaneous 1080 streams

Yes, the motherboard is actually Mini-DTX which that case supports.

Instead of using SAB use NZBGet.

Awesome. Thank you!!! And you think that processor would handle my needs?

Eh, I’d probably go with the 8100. You can save a couple bucks on one of these listings.

I had found an i3-8100 new with fan for $95! I’ll look for it again. Would I need a better cpu fan or is the one included okay?

I’d put an offer on the first one for $80.

The included one is fine, but for a simple upgrade get an Arctic Alpine 12.

Sounds like a plan! When I get home I’m gonna cart everything up and hopefully order everything today!! I’m gonna update the main post to reflect the changes you’ve provided. Thank you so much again!

Report back with one final list before you order. Don’t edit your original post, as the progression is helpful for other people to look at! Just post your new one below.

Will do!

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Case — Fractal Design Node 304
CPU — Intel Core i3-8100
CPU Fan — Arctic Alpine 12 (LP or no LP??)
Mobo — ASRock H310CM-HDV
Ram — 2x Crucial 8gb DDR4 2666
SSD — need help choosing new compatible with mobo
HDD — 2x4TB WD Red Pro (may buy other drives to shuck)

i put it together on pcpartpicker and its telling me the ASRock isnt compatible with my case??? i believe you said itll work but just want to double check again! if you can give me a recommendation on a SSD i think ill be set. I’m figuring the SSD will hold the OS and my programs while my HDD will hold my media correct?

Also this will be my first PC build so i do not have any extra cables or anything else besides some PC screws and some basic tools…will i be needing to buy cables or thermal paste or anything else besides what i have on my list? i would like to buy everything I’ll need at the same time to make sure i have everything I’ll need

question about ram too…the mobo supports 2666 but the cpu shows support up to 2400…so should i buy the 2400 or the 2666?

The node 304 supports mini-DTX per their spec sheet.
mini-DTX is 8 × 6.7 in (203 × 170 mm)

The ASRock H310CM-HDV is 7.5-in x 7.4-in, 19.1 cm x 18.8 cm

Now, JDM knows more than me - but it doesn’t look to me that it would fit.

Been hesitant to buy this build because of that…think I may go with my original setup. Do you see any issues with the OP?

Case — Fractal Node 304

CPU — Intel Core i3-8500

CPU fan — Arctic Alpine 12

MOBO — Asus Prime H310I-Plus

RAM — Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2666 MT/s (PC4-21300) SR X8 DIMM 288-Pin CT2K8G4DFS8266

SSD — Sabrent Rocket 256gb NVMe SSD

HDD — 2x 4tb WD Red Pro (or other shuckable drives)

My reason for not using the motherboard that @JDM_WAAAT suggested is because this is my first build and I feel more confident about these parts all fitting together. May not be the cheapest built but I like it.

ANOTHER CHANGE…man this is fun looking around…can already tell ill be building more machines after this one is complete and running!

Case – Thermaltake Core V1

CPU – Intel Core i3-8100 (I bought it)

CPU Fan – Arctic Alpine 12

MOBO – ASUS Prime H310I-Plus

RAM – Crucial 16gb (2x8gb) ddr4 2666

SSD – Sabrent Rocket 256gb NVMe m.2 2280

HDD - 2x 4TB WD RED PRO ( I splurged a lil here I know…)

PSU – Thermaltake Smart 500w 80+

Case Fans – 2 Noctua NF-R8 80mm

Thats everything i have ready to go in my cart. Again…I know it’s the cheapest route but I think I’ve done fairly well for it to be my first build ever. The case can hold 2 HDD and the more I thought about it the more i realized that’s all I’m gonna need for now. If i want to expand later than I can.

I think the node 304 is better than the thermaltake in terms of drive space. The thermaltake holds only 2 3.5" drives

By the way worth a look at the node 804. It is 307 mm × 344 mm × 389 mm, but holds micro-ATX, so lots of more motherboards.

The Node 304 is 250mm x 210mm x 374mm

Yeah it does hold more drives but I honestly don’t need more than 2. If I want to upgrade later on I will but I don’t really see the need for me

And I like the small compact size of the ITX cases. This will be sitting in my entertainment center so I wanted small and neat which I what I believe I got.

Decided to go with the node 304…everything is ordered and should be within the next week!

Finally got all the parts in today and built it. Had to leave for work so when I get home I will install the OS and configure everything. I’ll upload some pics when I get home!!

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