Mini ITX Build Problems (DQ77KB)

I tried to stick to the recommended build as close as possible with the exception of bumping the CPU up to the i7-3770s and the RAM to 16 GB. Other than those parts, the rest of the components are exactly as laid out in the guide.

I did a bench top build and just used the CPU, RAM, Fan, and SSD. I hooked up a monitor via HDMI. On the first boot no video. I then hooked up some speakers to hear the error beep codes. I rebooted and still no video, but there was one beep. The manual says that one beep means BIOS is waiting for keyboard input. Since there was no video, I tried to troubleshoot based on this post.

I removed both sticks of RAM and booted up again. This time, 3 beeps for RAM issue, as to be expected. I then reslotted both sticks and had the same 3 beeps. I tried swapping the slots the sticks were in, same 3 beeps. Then I tried each of the sticks on their own in each slot. Each time I would get the 3 beeps and the fan would shut off shortly after the 3rd beep.

I received two i7-3770s after some mix up with a seller. So I tried each of these on the board and got the same results. So it does not appear to be a CPU issue. I also tried one time without the SSD with no luck.

I’m not sure if I got bad RAM or the wrong kind. It’s strange to me that the first couple of times I did not receive the RAM errors. These are the sticks that I got. Are they the correct ones for the DQ77KB?


That RAM looks good to me (unless I’m missing something).

I have a replacement board and chip (i3) coming Monday. I plan to do a desktop build this time around.

Just for reference, I have this RAM.

I’ll update you on the outcome.