LSI 9217-8 it mode not showing drives

Hi, i am looking for input on what i can check to fix my problem. i just got a LSI 9217-8 off ebay that said its flashed to IT mode. they sold 200 of them so i assume it really is flashed.

I am running windows 10. I put two new drives in connected the controller started windows and nothing. i checked the device manager which shows a lsi adapter. am i missing something.

i plugged one of the drives and connected it to the sata on the motherboard with the last slot. thats now showing up but the drive going though the lsi 9217-8 isnt showing up.

What drives?

14tb easystore drives.

OK, did you 3.3v mod them?

no i used a splitter for the power. i installed 2 both didnt show up. so i plugged the one directly to the last open sata port on the board, that worked. i just not sure if there could be something i am missing. i have a 2nd raid controller that will be going to my back up server and a different cable i could try.

If there’s 3.3v power going to the drives, you need to 3.3v mod them.

Preferred methods to resolve 3.3v issues:
The Custom Cable Mod: Use this SATA cable -

Remove the 3.3v wire mod Use this SATA cable -

Things that also work:

Tape mod: Kapton tape -

Or, simply buy this 5x Molex SATA splitter Use this cable -

Thank you though its not the power. i am using power splitters already. the other drives are working fine.