[Lowest price ever] 24 bay SAS2 SuperMicro 4U server w/ static rails

The link preview below doesn’t show the full server, but to clarify it is a full 4U rackmount chassis with SAS2 backplane.

$209 + shipping
In the past, these have been around $300 + shipping.


I bought back in Nov from same seller for 209.00 + shipping and could not be happier. I put the drives I bought from @Hadriel and changed the fans to something a bit quiter and sellers packaging is the best I have seen!


I applaud your tape effort, but FYI they make labels for the drive bays… :wink:

The tape works for now as I am growing my server/network empire (with wifes disgust) and running wire for ethernet throughout the house!

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Pro tip, if you can run one drop you can run two. Always run two.


Are you just running it as a das? I’m guess you have it connected to the server in that Rosewill case?

I started with the Rosewill case but wanted hot swap so I got the SuperMicro case and filled it with drives. I use it for plex, vm’s, mincraft server (for the kids), etc. The rosewill case is just sitting there collecting dust until I find a new project for it.

Digging on their ebay store i found this, should i get it for a plex server?

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I got that one of e-bay, but the default fans are crazy loud! So wondering what @kombatmedik30 used to replace the fans?

[ARCTIC F8 PWM PST] the 5 pack from black friday

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Will SATA drives work on the SAS backplane? or are you limited to SAS drives?

The backplane works fine with SATA or SAS drives. Just don’t put an SSD in it, they work best connected directly to the motherboard on a SATA3 port.


Thanks thats what I tought but wanted to make sure. I’m guessing the 3.3v mod is not necessary with the backplane?

Nope, no need to do anything to the drives or power cables. It’s plug and play.

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How loud are the power supplies? Think it’ll upset my other half?

They are fairly loud, definitely don’t want this outside a closet. You can get super quiet psus but they are pricey and I still find them louder than normal pc psus.

How’re the temps with those fans?

about 30-35ºC on idle using CPUID and drives stay around 32ºC in ambient room at 70ºF. Max temp I have seen on CPU’s are 40ºC with one fan on each heat sink while optimizing video using plex for direct streaming.

I finally pulled the trigger on one of these. Do I need cables to attach the backplane to the motherboard? Or are they included? I have a GA-7TESM with HP SAS expander.

Great question. The overhead picture in the eBay listing does show two SFF-8087 cables so I would say you’ll probably get them, but I would recommend contacting the seller to confirm. I ordered two of these chassis from this seller a couple years ago, and each one came with different accessories that weren’t included in the listing. One did include the SAS cables, plus an extra drive tray attached to the power supply. The other one included a full set of rails.