[Lowest price ever] 24 bay SAS2 SuperMicro 4U server w/ static rails

The link preview below doesn’t show the full server, but to clarify it is a full 4U rackmount chassis with SAS2 backplane.

$209 + shipping
In the past, these have been around $300 + shipping.

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I bought back in Nov from same seller for 209.00 + shipping and could not be happier. I put the drives I bought from @Hadriel and changed the fans to something a bit quiter and sellers packaging is the best I have seen!


I applaud your tape effort, but FYI they make labels for the drive bays… :wink:


The tape works for now as I am growing my server/network empire (with wifes disgust) and running wire for ethernet throughout the house!

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Pro tip, if you can run one drop you can run two. Always run two.


Are you just running it as a das? I’m guess you have it connected to the server in that Rosewill case?

I started with the Rosewill case but wanted hot swap so I got the SuperMicro case and filled it with drives. I use it for plex, vm’s, mincraft server (for the kids), etc. The rosewill case is just sitting there collecting dust until I find a new project for it.

digging on their ebay store i found this https://www.ebay.com/itm/202879482429, should i get it for a plex server.