Logic Supply ML400 - fanless i3, 8GB, dual Ethernet, 128GB MSATA

Logic Supply ML400 - fanless i3, 8GB, dual Ethernet, 128GB MSATA

  • Would work well for a firewall/security gateway or mini PC

$127.00 free shipping with “best offer”

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64GB/8GB version for $118 OBO

64GB/4GB with no Wi-Fi for $100 OBO

Lot of 5:

Would this be better than trying to get my older parents a Chromebox/book? They only check email and my mother does some remote learning for ESL.

Probably, yes.

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Thoughts on using this as a dedicated HomeAssistant box? Was looking at some NUCs before, but I feel like this might be better.

I’m not sure that it will work “better”, but it will certainly work just fine. And it’s way cheaper.

Thinking about looking into Plex again. Any idea if this CPU supports quicksync? Looks like it does. Also, any thoughts on whether this’d be a decent box to plug into the TV to connect it to local video resources?

This is not what you want for QuickSync use. It’s 4th-Gen, the recommended is 7th-Gen and above.

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Check out the QuickSync guide, HP 290, and HP S01 threads.

Thanks for the links. I knew there must be some guides around here somewhere, just didn’t find them.


Do you have or know of a guide that you’d recommend to turn this box into a firewall?

You shouldn’t need to do much besides install PfSense or OpenSense.

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All gone!

You all are savages.

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