Lenovo M720Q - This thing is RAD!

Full Disclosure - not a completed build, just waiting on Alan and my !sodimms. But here are a bunch of pictures.

Cool thing is I think this thing will be able to handle a riser if you really want to add a HHHL NIC card for pfsense or 10g or whatever. I found a few places selling a riser for the m920 but not sure if it would work on here, definitely looks like it so I may order one if I can find it in stock at a reasonable price. (m920 part number is 01AJ902)

So here are the pics of my future Parsec Client/HTPC just waiting on the !sodimms and an NVME to come in.

I may need Riggi’s DFI Skills Help here!


Careful, if you’re trying to use a riser on the PCIe slot, it’s not a standard PCIe layout.

Yeah, Im pretty sure this part will work, just need to find one in stock and not crazy expensive.
https://store.emprgroup.com.au/p-524768-01aj929.aspx it lists the 720q so now to find one!

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I can’t vouch for the website or anything but in case it is useful to you I did find this site which appears to have the riser card in stock.

And Encompass (which I believe is Lenovo’s official parts seller) has it for a good price but according to the site they will be out of stock until July 15th.


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Good find!

I’ll be sure to let you guys know about the encompass site. When I was talking with JDM we were having a conversation about those riser cards. I pre-ordered the riser when the 720q was first shared, and was going to share my findings after the order came in.

Nice! I keep meaning to put in an order, but I dont really need it. I may keep looking for maybe an ebay find or something if i can.

Interesting thread on adding an additional NIC here: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkCentre-A-E-M-S-Series/Adding-4-port-NIC-i350-T4-to-M710-720-910-920q-TINY-series/td-p/4612559

2 More Available:

Oops… got my threads mixed up but will keep this here anyway.

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Thank you for the heads up Dan!