Lenovo M720Q - This thing is RAD!

Full Disclosure - not a completed build, just waiting on Alan and my !sodimms. But here are a bunch of pictures.

Cool thing is I think this thing will be able to handle a riser if you really want to add a HHHL NIC card for pfsense or 10g or whatever. I found a few places selling a riser for the m920 but not sure if it would work on here, definitely looks like it so I may order one if I can find it in stock at a reasonable price. (m920 part number is 01AJ902)

So here are the pics of my future Parsec Client/HTPC just waiting on the !sodimms and an NVME to come in.

I may need Riggi’s DFI Skills Help here!


Careful, if you’re trying to use a riser on the PCIe slot, it’s not a standard PCIe layout.

Yeah, Im pretty sure this part will work, just need to find one in stock and not crazy expensive.
https://store.emprgroup.com.au/p-524768-01aj929.aspx it lists the 720q so now to find one!

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I can’t vouch for the website or anything but in case it is useful to you I did find this site which appears to have the riser card in stock.

And Encompass (which I believe is Lenovo’s official parts seller) has it for a good price but according to the site they will be out of stock until July 15th.

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Good find!

I’ll be sure to let you guys know about the encompass site. When I was talking with JDM we were having a conversation about those riser cards. I pre-ordered the riser when the 720q was first shared, and was going to share my findings after the order came in.

Nice! I keep meaning to put in an order, but I dont really need it. I may keep looking for maybe an ebay find or something if i can.

Interesting thread on adding an additional NIC here: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkCentre-A-E-M-S-Series/Adding-4-port-NIC-i350-T4-to-M710-720-910-920q-TINY-series/td-p/4612559

2 More Available:

Oops… got my threads mixed up but will keep this here anyway.

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Thank you for the heads up Dan!

Anyone had luck with EMPR Group?

I ordered 01AJ902 on 30/4/20.
Order was canceled on 17/7/20 after following up with them.

Cancellation Details

Part Number:

01AJ902 (qty 1)




We have just been advised that this part is no longer orderable and without replacement, as such, our purchase order for this part with our supplier has been cancelled, Where our purchasing team couldn’t manage to source the part from an alternate. Authorized Parts Re-seller. We’ll proceed with your order cancellation in behalf of you and there will be no cancellation fee. Sorry for any inconveniences we may have caused. If a refund is applicable, it will be processed within the next 24hrs (excluding weekends). If there are any issues or if further information required, you will be contacted by our Accounts Department.,

I’ve just send a request about the 01AJ929 to see if that’s available.

Which bracket are you looking for exactly? I found a x16 one that might fight.

Anything x4 or bigger. Trying to fit an 2x 10G SFP+ card.

x4 - https://encompass.com/item/11670785/Lenovo/01AJ929/ (back in stock around mid-August)
x8 - https://encompass.com/item/11535689/Lenovo/01AJ902/ (no longer available anywhere)
x16 - https://encompass.com/item/11675670/Lenovo/01AJ940/

For a dual port SFP+ card, you’ll need the x16 version because the x4 isn’t enough bandwidth.

Of course, not x4 - the 10G card is x8! I’ve been thinking about M.2 NVMe too much lately.

Geran, hate to argue with you but…
PCIe 3.0 = 1GB/s effectively, per Lane.
Thus x4 = 4GB/s
Bytes to Bits = 8x
Thus PCIe 3.0 x4 = 32Gbps which of course is more than enough for a Dual Port 10Gb NIC.

Even with encoding overhead the max is still 31.5Gbps.

Now of course if the NIC itself is only PCIe 2.0, then you cut the speed in half and you potentially do run out of bandwidth for 2 ports, but 1 with redundancy is still fine.

PS: I got my x16 connector from Encompass and was a little disappointed.
They didn’t even include the damn screw you need to hold the Riser to the case.

Is a pretty standard screw so I wasn’t bothered. When’s the last time any Addon card came with the screw?

More important imo is Did you find the bracket for actually mounting the card to the back?

Hi there!

You can order brackets on tabao (vía Superbuy):

Also, take into account that you need to use a 135W power supply to work with some PCI cards (4xGbps or GPU).

Hope this helps!

I have deleted your link because it wasn’t actually a link. You should fix it.