Hitachi Disk Array JBOD, which SAS HBA to buy to connect to it?

I bought a Hitachi DF F800 RKAK unit at auction for $50 with 600GB and 360GB SAS drives.

I dont have any SFF-8088 cables and no controller to plug it into.

Does anyone have any experience with these units - ie would they make a decent JBOD? Crazy as it sounds I was just looking through this site looking to build a NAS or DAS and was about to sell the Hitachi which has been sitting in a corner for a year.

The Hitachi has 2x SFF-8088 in and 2x SFF-8088 out sockets. A typical SAS HBA (eg LSI 9205-8e
from here: [Official] Recommended SAS2 HBA (internal & external) has two x4 SFF-8088 sockets.

Would I need to buy two SAS HBA’s (and run 4x SFF-8088 cables) to connect to the Hitachi Disk Array?

The JBOD will likely be very loud - however, you only need to connect two 8088 cables (and possibly only one) - so the LSI -8e should work just fine.

The other 8088 connectors on the disk shelf are for daisy chaining two or more together.

Thanks, will use is as glacier storage so I don’t have to hear the thing running all the time