Help with new build

I’m getting ready to move to unRAID from Cloudbox with all the GSuite drama to be safe. I just bought 10 of the WD 12Tb enclosures and 2 14Tb for parity. I’m currently just getting everything ready and watching SpaceInvader One videos.

The only issue I have read about with physical drives is the read/write process from multiple users at the same time. Let’s say 10 people watching different shows but all located on the same drive. Will this be an issue or at what point could multiple streams cause read/write issues? I do plan to run Plex and it’s DB from an NVME and load what I can to RAM.

  • Mobo - GA-7PESH 4
  • CPU - 2 of Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2
  • RAM - 4x [SK Hynix PC3-12800R DDR3 1600MHz ECC 16 x 16Gb = 256Gb ]
    *GPU for transcoding – ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini
  • NVMe for Plex - Intel 660p 2Tb
  • HDD - 10 of 12Tb WD White lable
  • Parity - 2 of 14Tb WD White label

What RAID Level are you planning on running? All in All looks to be a solid build.

There’s no reason to go for a GA-7PESH4, I’d choose another mobo out of the Anniversary 2 guide.

Do you need 256GB of RAM? Seems like about 192GB too much.

Most of us have switched to dedicated QuickSync for Plex transcoding, eliminating the need for fast processors and GPUs in the NAS. It’s much more power efficient, faster, and better quality.

For HDD deals, check out the shuckable drive price tracking.

Say you have 10 people all watching different 80Mbit movies, the theoretical maximum megaBYTE per second would be about 100 megabytes, per second. Most HDD’s today can sustain 150 +/- megabytes per second.

Now that’s using static numbers just to BALLPARK the answer. The reality is, not all of your movies will be 80+Mb bit rate 4k rips, and each rip WILL vary in size in terms of bit rate.

If you’re like me and stick mainly to “high” bit rate 720p rips (and high is subjective here, very very subjective), I could probably do about 50 different 720p streams before seeking/reading data becomes an issue - maybe more, maybe less - I will NEVER know since the max I’ve ever seen was about 7 streams simultaneously across maybe 30 users (family, friends, coworkers).

TL:DR; It’s almost impossible to answer that question definitively, best answer you’ll get a shitty ballpark range.