HDHomeRun & Plex

I found a Connect Duo model on ebay $59 (free shipping) so I plan on using that with Plex. I’ll have to purchase that $35 per year subscription to their service. I’m not sure what that’s for…I’m guessing they put together the guide for Plex and that costs money for up keep.

I decided to drop my local package on Dish Network which was costing me $12/month and there are a few channels that have been in dispute for well over a month now. In any case I don’t have any issue getting decent OTA signal so I think I’m done paying Dish for locals.

RE: remote viewing…would I be able to watch my OTA channels thru Plex remotely just like I can with my movies? I can’t see why not but wasn’t sure it worked that way.

I’m using an HDHR Prime with Plex, works great. I can fire up live TV on my phone and watch remotely as well. It was all pretty easy to set up. I think you can do a 30 day free trial of Plex Pass if you want to test before you pay.

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Hd homerun is free to use. You wouldn’t pay them unless you want to subscribe to their DVR service instead of using Plex.

Ok…I misunderstood all of that. Some of the youtube videos about hooking it up to plex seemed to suggest it wasn’t optional.

I use it the way you described, but I do have Plex Pass, and I’m pretty sure that’s required.

Yes I believe it says plex pass is required. I’m good there. I should be good to go then once it arrives.

I can confirm that I use my HD/HR with Ples. I pay nothing to HD/HR but do have a Plex Pass. Works fantastically

Got it today. Signal quality over what I had been using is a lot worse. I’m going to look at relocating the outdoor antenna in the next few days. I may end up getting one of those Omni directional models. I have a couple trees in the way of right where it needs to point.

I have been using plex pass dvr feature with hd home run quadro 4 tuner ever since that feature came out. Love it works well.

I replaced the cat 5 cable that came with the Hd homerun and my signal quality issues went away. I am still going to relocate my outdoor antenna but I don’t have to get in any hurry about it. I guess that cable is junk…was reading on reddit that several people said that cured their issues but that was from a few years ago.

EDIT: Can someone halp with recording permissions? I think it’s a matter of chown the plex media hard drive location. In my case I’m just going to use the local M.2 to record local shows on.


To change permissions of your media folders, first add the plex user to your main user’s group

sudo usermod -aG plex

Then set the permissions of your media folders to 775 so your group (and the plex user member of that group) can execute files

sudo chmod -R 775 /path/to/media

sudo systemctl restart plexmediaserver

EDIT 2: Ok on my new android phone it wants to direct play everything and it plays great even with a weak signal. On everything else in my house it’s trying to transcode and the signal absolutely sucks. What the crap is going on?