[Guide] Remote Gaming on Unraid

I am totally dumbfounded. How does that make any sense? I had tried accessing the VM from several machines here in my home. Why or how the GPU selection messed things up is a mystery to me.

And, the GPU is not isolated (unchecked) in Tools / System Devices.

Thank you for being so patient and helpful with me. And, I am sorry for having taken up so much of your time. I really appreciate it.

@stuffwhy Well, I guess that it was just too good to be true. Before hitting the sack I thought that I might try setting the VM’s graphic card setting back to virtual. Of course, I had no problem accessing the VM via VNC console.

The minute that I set it back to the Nvidia GPU the VM became inaccessible again. I am stumped. Off to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

I think, An innovative approach to use server hardware for gaming without being physically tethered to the machine is with Unraid’s remote gaming feature. Strong virtualization features provided by Unraid let you build potent gaming virtual machines (VMs) with GPU passthrough, guaranteeing a smooth and fast gaming experience.

You can visit this for more info: https://www.reddit.com/r/unRAID/comments/yqn3b2/remote_gaming_vm/