[Guide] Remote Gaming on Unraid

4. Other Things to Note

1. Host hardware (click me)
  1. Use wired networking when possible
  2. Use a unassigned SSD for your main OS and important games
    Use an unassigned HDD for larger games and bulk storage
    Do not use the array or cache drives for storage if possible
  3. Pass through storage devices to the VM directly instead of using a VDISK
    (note that using a VDISK is OK, and allows you to run multiple VMs of a single SSD, but performance sensitive applications hosted on the disk (such as emulators) may suffer)
  4. Higher clock speed CPUs help significantly with remote play and gaming in general
  5. Nvidia GPUs generally have better hardware encoding compared to AMD, especially Turing/RTX series cards - this will increase the client quality significantly
2. Client hardware (click me)
  1. Use wired networking when possible
  2. As with the Intel QuickSync Transcoding guide, it’s the fastest, best looking, and cheapest client available. Use 7th-gen and higher for best quality.
    Yes, the HP 290 works great as a client. It even has WiFi and Bluetooth built in!

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