Good PCie to sata 3.0 x4 controller without raid

I am looking for a pcie x4 or x8 controller card, with 4 Sata 3.0 ports. They all seem to have problems.
This does not require you to have hardware to control the raid.
It will be used with linux distros and I don’t think I will ever use it on windows. Full compatibility with linux and with perfect operation. Thank you!

LSI 9207-8i

Too expensive for me.

My problem is that my motherboard only has 4x Sata2 and 2x Sata3, and I want to mount 4 seagate ironwolf 2tb drives. Could I connect all 4 HDDs to the sata2 ports without losing noticeable performance?

Is Marvell 88SE9230 / Marvell 9230, a good option, since you recommend it in your nas killer 4.0?

What do you mean “too expensive for me”?

You can get a 9211, 9210, or 9201 for cheaper…

I saw it on amazon for $ 100. But on ebay it is for 35 dollars, that’s a better price hahaha.

And the other questions that you can tell me? Thx you

The SAS HBAs will give you the best performance and will allow you to connect 8 drives with each controller.

Do you already have the seagate drives? If not, I would avoid them as they are really expensive.

After looking for information, now I understand that I can connect a sata disk to an sas port. I didn’t know before …

Are sas cards better than sata cards?

As for what to connect on sata2 and sata3? Thx a lot !!