Expanding rackmount storage options

I have a server rack but its inside a home office. I am running out of room in my rosewill 15 bay case. I am looking for options to expand my storage with sound being a major issue. I saw the post about making one of those rosewill caes a das. I am thinking of going this way since I am familiar with the case and sound.

I have looked at other 24 bay options but I am worried about sound. This solution could give me 15+ more drive space. Any other suggestions for a rackmount with a bunch of drives but needs to be low noise?

Not really. Most regular rackmount chassis have no consideration for noise levels, so they will be loud.

I had a server and found all those small fans way too loud. I switched to a standard 8 bay case and used fewer larger drives (unRaid made it easy) and now I use a lot less power and have a quiet server.

i have slowly upped the drives size over the year. i started with 2tb and now up to mostly 14tb drives. i been looking for options so i thought i would ask if anyone had any suggestions on what to buy.

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if the price is right, it’s hard to beat an L4500. you could just use it stock for 15 drive bays. i would just upgrade the fans to arctic pressure optimized (120mm and 80mm), as they move a good amount of air and are very quiet.

happy building.