EMC VNX SAE w/ 25x 600GB 10K HDD, w/ 2x 6GB SAS LCC Controllers - $230 OBO incl. shipping

EMC VNX SAE w/ 25x 600GB 10K HDD, w/ 2x 6GB SAS LCC Controllers

  • Includes 25x 600GB 10K HDD + drive trays
  • JBOD config with passthrough/daisy chain
  • Short depth
  • Dual PSU

$230 shipped, OBO

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Some additional pictures from the one i just received, will be doing some testing with it this weekend.

Mine came with 21 of the HGST drives, and 4 of the seagate.

Seller accepted 185 but not 175, may take 180 but didnt try.


HGST HUC109060CSS600

Seagate ST600MM0006

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Any ideas what this will pull from the wall at idle?

Not terrible at 190.

Hell yeah, Chenbro Dwarf Star Blue!

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Holy shit that’s a lot of blue blinkenlights

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On a scale from “hot girl fart” to “standing under a roller coaster” how would you rate the noise?

its not the loudest thing in my rack, but its definitely not quiet. I can run it while im working without bothering me too much. But im not bothered at all by fan noise so if you are the kind of person who cant stand fan noise it may be a problem. Its almost relaxing/white noise for me.

Will this take SATA drives?

I believe so, however not certain. I’ll be hooking it up soon to mess with. So far haven’t had time.

I see there are 4 SAS connectors on the back, do I need to populate all 4 to connect all 25 drives?

nope, and only one is really needed because if you run two in JBOD mode, the drives show up twice and things get weird. so you are limited to one 6gbs connection, unless there is something im not aware of to do. the other two are daisy chain connections you would use to connect additional shelves off one controller.

additionally, i just tested it and cannot get any SATA SSD or HDD to recognize, not 100% sure its not just me, but it did let me swap out to different sized 2.5 sas drives which showed up just fine.

Thanks! I plan on connecting mine to my unraid server. Were you by any chance also connecting to your unraid and saw the drives showing up twice? Mine will get here this week, so I’ll also let you know if SATA drives don’t work on mine either.

sata work! i switched the cable to the top controller vs the bottom and all drives show up. and yes using unraid,

here you can see my test unraid box showing my disks. the VNX drives are the 20x600gb HGST in a raid1 for 6tb cache pool, 2x900GB Toshiba in a raid0 1.8TB cache pool, and in unassigned you can see a Kingston 120gb Sata SSD, Seagate 750gb Sata HDD, and an unused seagate 600gb Sas HDD.

This doc suggest that connecting dual cables is only available on larger disk shelves “When connected to the new back-end SAS I/O module on the VNX2 using a SASHD “Y”
cable, the 60-drive and 120-drive DAEs support an x 8 wide connection (6 Gb/s x 8
lanes). This connection uses 2 SAS ports on the I/O module and 2 SAS ports on the DAE
LCC, and is designed for high bandwidth workloads. This x 8 wide connection is not
supported with other DAEs.” : (note sure this is the correct model though) https://www.delltechnologies.com/en-us/collaterals/unauth/white-papers/products/storage/h12145-intro-new-vnx-series-wp.pdf

Picked one up, he auto accepted 180 + Ship

Now… to figure out what to do with it

It would be reasonable to assume you could use dual 8088 cables from a suitable HBA to both ports on the first I/O module on the DAS, even though the second port is labelled for downstream daisy-chaining.
Similar to how one can use dual 8087 cables from an internal HBA to a SAS expander.

Isn’t this a lot of work/power for essentially 15TB raw storage? Or is it a good deal for the enclosure alone and the disks are just bonus for the caddies?

It’s a good deal in general, the included storage isn’t too cheap either.

Typically arrays like this are used for their speed, not necessarily capacity.
25 10k or 15k drives can be extremely fast depending on the config.