EMC VNX SAE w/ 25x 600GB 10K HDD, w/ 2x 6GB SAS LCC Controllers - $230 OBO incl. shipping

Want to know how loud it is when all the drives are accessing

You will definitely not hear the drives over the fan noise.

hi i have the same jbod i bought.
how did you managed to connect it to server?
i get access denied all the time.
i am connected via lsi 9212-4i it mode flashed controller.

What operating system? Mine showed up immediately in unraid as drives I could mount/format/etc

well i tried using windows server 2016.
today i am gonna try with linux and freenas and vmware.

i am trying to do something for my client that is using windows based machines for his whole setup,so he is intrested in connecting it directly to windows server powered machine using this setup:
JBOD -->SERVER with hba.

Pictures of how you have it plugged in would be helpful as well.



Assuming 3w idle per drive, 25 drives, that should be 75w for drive power.

Do you happen to know what the enclosure-only power draw is? I picked up a DS2246 (24x2.5) and while it works great, it is loud and very power hungry. Over 100w enclosure only, idle.

I also have a EMC STL3 and that thing is silent and pulls next to no power, 35w at idle, no drives. I was hoping the same might be for the DAE 25.

If I could find readily available 2.5" adapters for the STL3, I would just do a few more of those, density be damned, but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

If you have a enclosure-only power draw on that, I would be grateful!