Dell Wise 5070 Thin Clients

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Do those come with the power supply?

no they do not

Worth noting that these items can use Dell’s Laptop power supplies that are 65/90w and 19.5v, as well as Dell’s official 65w PSU.

There’s a lot more info on these in this thread:

I have the J5005 variant (thin, not thicc using STH terms). Depending on need, you can get the 5005 thin for the same amount.

Someone somewhere reported the j5005 can transcode as a Plex server, a 4K stream for local network playback, which I found impressive (and unverified). I can’t get 4k to playback on the unit locally in Ubuntu without massive stutter.

the J-series chips are not at all the same as normal desktop CPUs with Quicksync. You’ll be lucky to get 3 hardware transcodes out of them. Direct play/stream 4k isn’t an issue for most CPUs, even really old ones.