Dell Wyse 5070 (new) Celeron J4105, 4GB DDR4, 16GB eMMC - $89.99 + shipping (normally $450)

Chassis overview:

To be used for a receiver of the Parsec server? Or only for an easy browsing machine?

It’d work great for either. I’m planning on using mine for docker swarm or kubernetes, we’ll see.

Appears to be back-ordered now, CDW appears to no longer allow purchases.

I got mine today and have been fumbling my way through figuring it all out. Will drop a few pictures and things I’ve found out which may or may not have been obvious from the start.

Besides the unit itself it came with a keyboard, mouse, stand, and DP → VGA adapter.

Took me a while to figure out how to remove the cover of the chassis until I read the directions that can be found here.

You will have to access the BIOS and change the boot order as it’s defaulted to the ThinOS which sits on the eMMC I believe. The BIOS key is F2 and you also need to unlock the menu with the password “Fireport”.

From here I was able to switch the boot order to pickup my Ubuntu Flash Drive.

Going through the Ubuntu Installation I wasn’t able to find the M.2 NVMe drive that I had popped in. JDM pointed out that it may not support NVMe and that matches with what I found here.

So quick run to Microcenter to grab a M.2 SATA and we were in business. Quick and easy Ubuntu install followed by the transcode guide.

Was hoping to use this as a pfsense box and grab something with a 5500t or better CPU for Plex but I’ll see if this can do the job since there isn’t too many options to add a NIC.

Nputting mentioned possibly adding a M.2 → PCI-E to try and add a NIC but I didn’t get much farther than this adapter which needs extra power.


If it doesn’t support M.2 NVMe, it’s unlikely the M.2 slot will support that riser. However, the X2 slot where the wifi would normally go might.

So it appears there’s an option to add a 2nd RJ45 and even SFP. I’ve been trying to find a part number but haven’t been able to. Idea would be to remove the 2nd Serial Port and add a 2nd RJ45.

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I’ll do some looking as well!

Adding some of my own pics, just got two in.

Two skinny boxes, great Dell packaging as usual. Mouse, Keyboard, and Chassis Stand included.

Nice! Displayport to VGA adapter (and stand).

60W (15A 4.0A) power adapter. Probably won’t even come close to using half of this!

Completely fanless. Has some sort of pad on top of the heatsink, with a plastic cover on that that - not exactly sure what the point is.

It’s a shame this model isn’t the extended one with PCIe x4.

4GB Kingston DDR4 SODIMM 2666 MHz

Mounted on the included stand.

There’s a gap at the bottom so air can circulate naturally.

In through the bottom, and out through the top vent where the CPU heatsink is.

That is a nice looking piece of hardware.

As far as the pad on top of the heat sink, going just off the pictures you included my guess is that it is most likely there for one (or both) of the following reasons.

  • Noise Control - To keep the metal heat sink from coming into direct contact with the metal case.
  • Thermal Performance - To help transfer some of the heat from the heat sink to the metal case so that it can be used as an additional cooling surface.

Just chatted with Dell Support and they were able to give me a part number and price but they had to reach out to the inventory team to see when/if they would be available to purchase anytime soon.

SFP Port: 57GKF and GRNVK -ASSY Pass Through Port Replicator, I/O Port - $46.99

RJ45 Port: 442XR and CFCVN -ASSY Pass Through Port Replicator, I/O Port (ASSY,PPR,I/O,RJ45,) - $42.99

Both seem pricey.

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Yeah, but considering there’s no other option, I think it’s OK. Consider that a 2 port Intel NIC is around $30 or so.

This website seems to have a lit of parts for the 5070, no clue if they are legit or not. They also price the 442XR at $42.99 just like Dell.

according to the Dell documentation, the onboard NIC is a Realtek, is that the case?

The box was looking good for a pfSense build…

I scored a bare motherboard of this same model a couple months back for $15. The cheap m-key pcie adapters didn’t work but the adt-link R52sf worked perfectly with my hp 361t

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I know this is older post however I have RJ45 Port: 442XR If anyone needs please let me know

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I’m considering picking up a 5070 to use as Firewall\Router. However, having the 2nd NIC is almost a necessity (although I have a managed switch and could go the 802.1q trunk route if needed). Curious what’s required to add the 2nd NIC? Is it some sort of daughter board that connects internally and then a cable and RJ45 connector that replaces the serial port?

Thanks in advance…

I wouldn’t use a 5070 for a firewall. There are plenty of options with dual NIC out there, single NIC is just a huge pain.

dual nic in these thin clients? is there a thread showcasing these options?