Chenbro SR301 - 4 bay Mini-ITX NAS - Seller accepts $90 offers, free shipping

on the topic of the 2.5" brackets, instead of throwing into my black hole box of misc computer parts, i put them in a baggie in the dead space below the fan in case i ever need them, it’s with the case.

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Anybody having reboot issues?
I am having a reboot issue with Supermicro X11SCV-Q motherboard.
Has to do with the PSU, but why/how eludes me.

With the FSP250 that came with the Chenbro chassis:
Reboots suddenly when accessing NVMe (same time or shortly after starting read/write)
Seems to be stable when booted from USB or SATA

With an old Dell NPS-250 PSU I had lying around:
No reboots (yet)

With a brand new EVGA 750
Reboots suddenly & randomly, doesn’t finish boot of anything

Before swapping PSUs, I previously swapped out every single other component: NVMe, mobo, CPU, RAM.
The only thing that stopped the reboots was my old salvage power supply, which I don’t want to use because the fan is noisy and annoying.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cross-posted this in the mobo thread:

Now I am wondering if it has to do with grounding?
I am doing my build & debug outside the case, and noticed while replacing the PSU that is has the additional grounding wire as part of the power cable jumper.
Could that have something to do with it?

I don’t think it has anything to do with the case or the grounding wire.
I tried the Power Supply while not mounted in the chassis, and same issue.
Think disregard here.

The power supply switch is not a power button. It will not turn the system on.

Is this directed at me?
Asking since I was the only one to post in the last week, but doesn’t seem related to anything I said.

I can confirm that an Arctic Alpine 12 fan will fit in this case.

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