Chenbro SR301 - 4 bay Mini-ITX NAS - Seller accepts $90 offers, free shipping

Chenbro SR301 with 250W PSU

  • I messaged the seller, it has the SAS backplane, which means SFF-8643. Now, to me that’s kind of goofy because most of us have x8 SFF-8643 cards which are dual 12gbs (except for that one HP card). Doesn’t mean you can’t get a 8643->8087 cable, but add that to the list of cables lying around.

So, interesting chassis, I’m likely holding off though. I think in the right context, this is a steal. I wouldn’t design a system around the chassis, moreso use this to cobble together a spare-parts Frankenstein to get things off the floor/shelf.

$ 129 OBO (seller accepts $85-$90)

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Seller accepted a $90 offer (each) for two.

How are you planning to use this?

M/B Form Factor Mini-ITX (6.7"x 6.7")
Dimensions (D x W x H) 310 x 200 x 270(mm) , 12.2" x 7.87" x10.63"
Drive Bays Internal 2.5":2
3.5" Hot-swap:4
PSU Form Factor PS/2 Single w/120mm Fan
Indicators 1 x Power Status, 1 x HDD Activity, 1 x Warning LED
Front Buttons Power On/Off, System Reset, 2x USB2.0
System Security Padlock Loop, Kensington slot, Intrusion switch
Cooling Fans Front: 1x120mm
Expansion Slots 1x Low Profile
HDD Backplane 12Gb/s SATA & SAS
Metal Thickness 0.7mm
Net Weight 5.2kg
Gross Weight 7kg
Front Bezel Included
Cubic Feet 1.85
Container Loading 20’:564, 40’:1134, 40’HQ:1284 (Single Carton)

Quick Installation Guide.pdf (391.7 KB)
SAS Backplane.pdf (279.7 KB)
Datasheet.pdf (1.7 MB)

I have no clue. Probably find a cheap low power M-ITX motherboard off of ebay and throw a simple file server together.

I was thinking this would be a good “off site” backup solution. Keep it at family member’s house and use for essential back ups. And they could use it for a simple storage or media server?


That’s a good idea, I’ll probably do that as well.

How are you planning to use this?

Could this be OTiS build?

Sure, would be a great candidate for a low-power, relatively small all-in-one solution.

Seller accepted $85

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The SAS thing kills me. ITX only has one PCIe spot as-is… Do I want an H1110 in that spot?

Tough decision. Again, if I had enough spare “stuff” around I’d buy one in a flash at $85, that’s a great deal. But to build a new system entirely to work with the chassis, I’m having trouble justifying

You can use reverse breakout cables without a SAS card.

With only 4 bays, wouldn’t I want to just get a board with 4 ports?

I’m not sure what you’re asking… you need at least 1 SATA port for each bay that you want to use (if you’re using SATA).

If you’re using SAS, you only need a single SFF-8087 or SFF-8643 port. You can use a SAS card like this one:

Yeah, I don’t know much about SAS.
So far I’m planning to use SATA, but should I consider SAS instead? Would it be for folks who already have SAS drives, or are there other benefits over SATA?

And is the reason a card would be needed is because SAS ports aren’t generally built into motherboards? Or cards are better anyway?

Sorry for so many questions, appreciate the help

It’s allegedly six based on JDM’s Youtube video (2x2.5 on the sides?)

Ah, good point.
Also I found this which seems to answer my questions:

So do I understand correctly that you can mix & match SAS and SATA drives?
If so, I can see how another benefit would be flexibility for whatever HDD deal comes around.

What would you want to use the one PCI slot for instead?

Either pcie nvme (like the Samsung one that floats around here periodically) or faster NIC (10/25/40 gbe).

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