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Has anyone ordered from them recently? I placed an order a week ago and haven’t heard anything since. Looks like they haven’t been active on here for over a year.

They take like a month to ship out.

I placed an order on August 21st and haven’t received any tracking info or updates. I’ve tried contacting them by calling and opening up support tickets and no one will respond. Now I’m trying to get my money back.

I just got notice that a shipping label was created, but hasn’t actually shipped yet. Progress I guess.

Yeah, I don’t have a positive experience with BitDeals.

I made my first-ever order with BitDeals on 29 March, I knew there would be a 2-3 week delay before being shipped out which was no issue to me. I was still acquiring parts for my build.

The thing is, my shipping label was made a month later on 29 April and drives weren’t even sent out from their warehouse! I was talking to their customer support via email throughout this and when I finally asked for a refund I was told as it was over 90 days since my order was made so I would have to open up a dispute via PayPal to get a full refund.

When I opened that dispute on 8 June I included all the receipts. Instead of a refund which I requested, I was told my drives were finally shipped out that day, how convenient.

16 June the drives finally arrived. 79 Days so far in this journey.

2 were faulty on arrival, I was told I had the option between a refund for those 2 drives or I’d be given 2 replacements. Silly me left a gap in the dispute and was sent the tracking info for 2 drives before I could accept the refund offer.

Edited this because: I didn’t accept the replacement offer. I stated I did need 2 drives but had a valid concern about avoiding drives that fail initial SMART Tests or show errors on arrival after being made to wait for them – again. I didn’t accept or decline the refund offer so they sent out drives instead of responding to my concerns.

Cue another 100 days of waiting for those 2 replacement drives… I only just got them a day ago and still have to test but that’s 179 days total (if these 2 drives aren’t duds) for this journey to get a few drives to build my first home server. About 49% of the year.

For a direct comparison, a deal was shared here for the same drives on eBay.
I ordered them on 21 April and they arrived on 3 May. Less than 2 weeks.

The drives have arrived, and I’ve run badblocks on them, that and SMART report no errors. Here’s my timeline.
Order placed: 9/22
Emailed and asked about order status: 9/29
Shipping label created: 10/2
Response to email stating current fulfillment estimate is 5-10 business days: 10/4
Package shipped: 10/7
Package arrived: 10/12

One of the drives arrived with damaged pins, I contacted support on the 13th and have yet to hear back.