Rhino Technology Group current deals - 2/1/23

Use code SERVERBUILDS in the offer details.

IBM ST14000NM0288 Seagate Exos X14** 14TB SAS 12Gb/s 7200RPM 3.5in Drive**

WD SDAQNTX-2T00-1022 SN720 2TB NVMe PCIe 3 M.2 SSD
1.6 PBW endurance (1600 TBW) - 3470MB/s read 2800MB/s write
If you need a NVMe → PCIe adapter, use this: https://amzn.to/40tpPvY

Seagate ST10000NM0226 10TB SCSI (SAS) 12Gb/s 7.2K 3.5-inch Drive

Sun Oracle 7301585 8TB 7.2K SAS Hard Disk Drive 7301588


these are pretty good prices.

Does anything exist in euro-land?
That one turned out to be $125 + $230 shipping + tax for me.

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