8087 to 90 degree SAS connector cable

I’ve been looking to replace some SATA drives with SAS drives in my Dell T110ii but couldn’t figure out the cabling, all the 8087 sas connectors I’ve seen had the cable coming straight out the back which would have hit up against the case cover the way the drives are positioned. See sata cable below.

In my research for how to deal with this issue I came across this thread.

It says to look for 0233TD which is a 8087 sas cable with sas connectors that sit flush against the drive. I think this is exactly what I need.

I’m gonna pick one up off ebay and will report back on how it goes.

Also on the discord mentioned this might also be helpful for the Node 804 case which also has a tight fit.


i had the same issue you had with one my cases. with all the connectors, i would not be able to close the side cover. i started with these sas cable with these power cables i could bend down from ebay but i had to change the floppy power to a molex connector. i used these wires in one of my builds

when i found these dell type cables, it looks so much nice and wire management is a bit better.

i got 2 of these cables from ebay from china (using speedpak delivery). Made best offer for 2 for $30. Do not get anything from china that says economy shipping. Speedpak shipping has been most reliable tracking from China to NJ in about 10-14 calendar days.

the dell cables are great. no issues so far. i wish i found these cables first.

here are the dell cables in another build. i did not need it for this case, but cable management a little easier.


Someone on the discord asked about length so I’m sharing this picture I took for him here too.