2023 Arms and clamps update

I’ve been wanting to ditch my old shelves for a while. The first hurdle of buying vesa compatible monitors was completed last year. I finally set aside the funds to overhaul the layout and I gotta say I’m loving vertical side monitors way more than I expected.

Other upgrades include a new massive 3xl (48x24 inch) mouse pad, a clamp on shelf to float the audio gear, and a clamp on elgato wave arm lp, to keep the mic arm out of the way.

I have much more room and everything feels far more open and less claustrophobic. Change does take me a while to acclimate to but overall I am quite pleased with the results!

For reference my old setup is approximated here, but that’s an early iteration as it saw minor upgrades over time.


hang on is that an ancient hi-fi radio receiver? Do you use it as such?

I don’t use it for radio, but as an amp it’s fantastic.

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Works great in AM/FM mode, for what it’s worth.

Works better as an external amp for headphones and speakers.

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