Z590 MB Unraid Upgrade

I’m upgrading from NAS Killer 1.0 and have a brand new MSI MPG Z590 MB laying around (no GPU). What would be the best/cheapest CPU to go with? Will be running mainly one VM, Plex (4k), Pi-Hole and NextCloud dockers on my unraid server. Thanks!

If you want to go cheap I would recommend i5-11400 no “K” or “F”. It costs about $150 and has integrated gpu for plex. If you want more power for future expansion then i7-11700 which costs about $300 is your other best option when it comes down to price/performance

I’d like to add to what @senpai said with this;

the intel core i5-11400 is a 6 core, 12 threaded part. the i7-11700 is an 8 core, 16 threaded part. 4.9Ghz max boost on the i7, vs 4.5GHz max boost on the i5, and 16MB L3 cache on the i7 vs the i5. The i7 will be roughly 30% faster for multi core, and roughly 8-10% faster for single core workloads. I’d personally consider the i5 to be better value, though with you running a VM, plex, nextcloud, and pihole, I feel that the i7 would be a better fit for you.

Thank you gentlemen for the advise, I’m getting the i5-11400.

I was in a similar situation in march 2022. I had a MSI Z590 Torpedo and was thinking of buying the 11400 first. But when comparing prices here in Europe I rather quickly found that the i5-11600 (no K) was almost the same price. It feels like that’s a sort of model “no-one” buys, and perhaps that’s why I was able to find it cheap. I don’t think I would’ve been any less happy with the 11400 though… Just nice to have more headroom for more or less the same money.