Your thoughts on this NAS build, my first

I want to replace my old NAS that I’m using now, wich is basically my old “main” PC that runs Windows 10 on it and then I share the harddrives to my new
main PC and my Nvida shield. It’s going to be most of the time one user at the time.

No transcoding with Plex

I want to make a new build beacuse the old system has run 24/7 for the last ten years, could not get ubuntu server to install no matter what I did. It’s not that I can’t get the installation process going,
but it always end with some sort of error code. I’m not a total noob and I’m not an expert but it’s so frustrating to sit there for a day trying different things, googeling, try again and still don’t get it to work.
Maybe I could get it to work by installing a realy old version of Ubuntu server, but I still end up with a system that is on its last legs.

I also have problem with that system when it’s time to upgrade W10 to a newer version, has to try it like ten times before it succeeds.

I have built a couple of computers before. I have used a Raspberry Pi with an external HDD before as a “server”, superslow.

I have looked at your NAS Killer 4.1 thread and about that, I live in Europa so it’s a little more difficult to find those components you are listing and about the prize, it’s not that big of a different.

I also want it to be a little smaler in size and
don’t have to use one of the sata ports for a SSD disk to install OS.

I’m not going to have Unraid as OS, that is beacuse I’m going to run a torrent client plus VPN (mullvad) on it. So therfore I’m going with Ubuntu server with a
desktop enviroment. I have seen that some people can get torrent client with VPN to run on Unraid, maybe I will give it a try.

Basically I have looked at this build in this forum and that looks appealing to me:

What I am thinking is:

CPU: maybe a AMD Athlon 200GE, AMD Athlon 220GE or even a AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
PSU: maybe a 550 w instead
RAM: not that big of a differnet in prize between this and a realy cheap ones and I just picked one that was in the “Memory QVL for AMD Ryzen™ & Athlon™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics Processors” list for this motherboard
HDD: I have three WD red, but I will buy one extra and put the old ones in this build to.