Xeon E3-12XX v4 processors

I thought this would fit here, maybe it’s the wrong spot but reading more on the supermicro 10 series boards they all seem to claim support for a E3-1200 series V3 or V4 processors.

As I got to looking more yesterday I got to thinking why not put a V4 processor in my build, except you can’t seem to find any. Intel’s ARK site calls out a few models some of which were made in 2015, but when I look for one E3-1280 v4, The only ones I can get appear to be 230+ dollars and shipped from China.

THought I would post here and see if anyone had luck with this or not or perhaps I’m wishing away my time. Since I still have time before I start ordering parts I thought I’d search out more.

Meanwhile if nothing else I’m probably going to look for a E3-1270 V3 or such like that, if getting a V4 variant doesn’t happen.

Thanks again for the site and reading.

so more research yesterday I found a few of the V4 variant processors but they are quite spendy. doesn’t seem like they were as popular nor were as many made.

but there are some E3-1285L V4’s out there to buy I see prices around 160-190 for one however, so I wouldn’t consider it worth it.

V4 was delayed so long they skipped it and did a V3 Refresh in 2014. I would hazard there may be some v4 engineering samples kicking around but it doesn’t sound like it ever made mass production.