X9SCM-F Not recognizing PCI-E Card

Been putting together a couple builds using the X9SCM-F board that came with E3-1225 CPUs.

Latest firmware and bios on both boards, everything works great, I have had windows 10, Ubuntu 20.10 and now pfsense running no issues, except one. The PCIE card, Dell N20KJ dual port SFP+ card is not recognized, no power indication at all from the card.

Before I pull apart my hp290 and check my LSI card in the X9scm-f boards and throw the SFP+ card in the 290 to double check it. I was hoping to send a couple pictures of my bios settings to make sure things look good, cause there are a couple things I’m not sure about. And if I can fix this with a quick bios setting I could save a bunch of time.

Let me know if you see anything that I might want to change.

Edit: Forgot to mention I’m using Supermicro 8x risers on both boards and have already mixed and matched to hopeful rule out faulty riser cards.

Edit 2:. I found the time to switch the cards around and think I got a faulty SFP+ card so I’ll just start an eBay return. Feel free to delete this thread. Unless someone also spots a problem with my bios settings.