X9drl-if 2650v2 x2 combo heat/sensor issues

So back in may/june I got the above combo shown here https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/anniversary-2-0-combo-supermicro-x9drl-if-2x-e5-2650v2/4860 but I only got around to actually building it yesterday.

Plugged it all in and it fired up first time, everything seemed good. Chucked some more ram in, wouldn’t post with more than 4 sticks but I suspect that’s the standoff issue that others have noted (annoyingly the standoffs were in the case already, but seem to have attached themselves to the screws, including the ones at the IO shield which means I can’t actually get the board out of the case right now.)

The trouble started when I fired up unraid. Ten seconds after it started loading, the overheat buzzer went off and the fans ramped up. It kept on going into a cycle of alarms and revs, so I killed power and checked the heatsinks (2RU heatsinks that came with it, no fans) which were pretty warm. So I went and bought two new CM tower heatsinks with fans and got them mounted and fired it up. Same deal as soon as it started loading, overheat alarm. Moved fans over to a fan controller running full power, no change. Logged in via IPMI, CPU temps show as ‘low’, until it starts beeping, then they go N/A. Rest of the board temps are fine. I’ve let it sit at the login screen for Unraid for 20m+ alarm keeps going off and new coolers are cold, despite giving everything a clean and new thermal grease.

I’m stumped. Is it actually overheating somehow? Is the sensor just misbehaving and if so how do I silence it? Is it a problem related to the standoffs? Is there something else I can try short of getting a mobo from Aliexpress and testing the CPUs in that?

I got in on the same deal and had issues with the fans just ramping up all the time. I had to mess with the fan sensor temperature limits to stop it from ramping up all the time and beeping. There are a couple of ways to do this but for myself, I got the IPMI working on the motherboard and installed the IPMI plug-in on unraid and tinkered with it that way.

The more foolproof way I think is to use the Unraid terminal and use ipmitool, I believe?

If it were just the fans I could deal with it, but the overheat buzzer is horrible. I’ve got ipmitool working for it on my main box, so I’ll see if there’s anything I can do about the CPU temp settings tonight. Not optimistic though - doesn’t even show the temps as high, just N/A on the CPUs while the rest of the board is fine.

Installed the ipmi tools app (though apparently it doesn’t come with the actual tools, just readouts) and while it shows the system temps, the CPUs both come up as “OEM Event = 00FFh”, and I can’t set thresholds for them, unlike the other three sensors.

Any suggestions?