[WTB] [US-TX] Rack mount console/KVM, Dell T420 Feet

Need 1-2 Dell T420 feet and Also looking for a rack mount console, on the cheap of course. Prefer local to greater Austin metro :slight_smile:

Do you have a part number for the T420 feet? If they’re compatible with my old dead T410, I can salvage the feet for you.

I have the feet, front bezel, and electronics from a T310 that was scrapped. I’m up near Killeen though, so that’s a bit out of the “greater Austin” area. Let me know if you want pictures.

I don’t believe they’re the same :frowning:

Would you be interested in shipping the feet?

Have you checked if the feet from a T310 are the same/compatible with your T420? I have not been able to find a part number in the plastic, and I already scrapped the steel case.

If you can pay for shipping, I have no problem sending them to you.

I think they’re the same yes.

Send me a DM here, or over on Discord (Drauku#9398) and I’ll get them sent out.

I checked the feet again and found a part number in one of the honeycomb squares underneath:
C4 p/n 6051B0714601

Full disclosure, I just double-checked the box where I had these stored, and it looks like I only have 3 feet (two with no damage, one with a crack in the connector swivel part) and 2 screws. Granted, the screws are standard threads so you should be able to source those easily.
I can just send you the entire box of bits if you want. Peripheral card plastic clips, plastic motherboard standoffs, peripheral card slot cover inserts, screws, etc.

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