WTB GA-7PESH2 rev1.0

I had a rev 0.2 and flashed the bios for the 1.0 and now it won’t post. Looking to replace the mobo with a rev1.0 of that board.

Doesn’t say what revision it is and is Kinda pricey.

Been listed since 2018 so make him an offer?

Ugh that’s so stupidly expensive. The PESH1 has only GbE, too.

I have this guy that I’ve been thinking of selling. I would need to sell everything, CPUs with artic 12s, and ram. I’ve been thinking of building something even more lowpower for my needs. As you can see in the screenshot it’s not getting much use.


I have one of these that I would be willing to sell for $150 plus shipping

I also have a few cpu’s if needed


Sounds good! I have CPUs already although do you have anything that’s an upgrade over the 2660.

The only th1ng I have available better than that is a pair of 2690 v2’s.

Buy them with the board and I will toss them in for $120 each

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