WP Expanse 7.68TB NVMe U.2 SAN Enterprise SSD - $599.99 ($78.12/TB)

WP Expanse 7.68TB NVMe U.2 SAN Enterprise SSD - $599.99 ($78.12/TB)

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Rated for 1 drive write per day (1 DWPD) at 100% random write workloads over 5 year duration

Power-loss data protection

Under 1 in 10E17 bit error rate and 0.44% annualized failure rate (AFR)

Sequential read/write of 3400/2200 MBytes per second (MB/s)

Maximum random 4KiB read/write of 830,000/75,000 IOPS

Ultra low and consistent write latency of 20 μs

Dual-port capable, bifurcation system support required (PCIe Gen3 x4 or 2x2)

U.2 backplane capable

Advanced ECC caching enabling end-to-end data protection

In today’s server landscape, system integrators are pressed to balance between data and system reliability with cost. Requirements for data integrity, availability, and reliability, are only becoming more stringent and of upmost importance. Enterprise-class server systems not only depend on application load and runtime support but also storage services to the network. For 100% workloads, 24/7 operational availability, and bit corruption mitigation, enterprise solid state drives can extend a data store’s full potential in order to circumvent outages that affects multiple users. By removing bottlenecks such as traditionally bypassing error timeouts, advanced ECC algorithms, enhanced caching mechanisms, and other factors that offload from complementary system components. The WP Expanse SAN series of drives enable scaled out networked data in all mainstream configurations of today and tomorrow.

$ 599.99

WP Expanse 7.68TB NVMe U.2 SAN Enterprise SSD on Amazon via vendor: Tech on Tech

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Lots of chatter on this at homelab and datahoarder. Would love to hear if one of us buy and use it

Shouldn’t a deal posted by the vendor be in the dealer direct forum?

Also Mr wp do you have more tech specs on the drives, like what type of controller or NAND is used?

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I have moved this deal to the appropriate sub-section and @Water_Panther has been properly tagged and verified as a vendor.