Woot Bags of Crap Contents

So, Woot had their 15th birthday sale, and I made some excellent purchase decisions - I bought 2 bags of crap and 2 limited edition birthday bags of crap (which were $50 a pop (!)). So far, only one regular bag of crap has arrived, and it might be the best bag of crap I’ve ever gotten.

First BOC itemized

First, a small Redskins shirt.

Next, a large Seahawks shirt.

Now, the best clothing article: a 3XL Cardinal’s hoodie.

The last article of clothing, a youth girls small compression shirt, my foot (size 13) for scale.

Keeping with the NFL theme, I’ve got a new wallet.

Alternatively, a new moneyclip.

My opened chip bag game is forever changed.

Maybe I can hang the chip bags.

This totally worthless image is a bubble wrapped package of C9 bulbs. Merry Christmas.

Got a Magpul trigger guard, which I have no complaints about.

I can finally replace the knob on my single cabinet.

Anyone got a bifolding door in need of repair?

A luxury knife protector.


Me when JDM mentions anything that costs less than my credit limit:

A lovely stamp.

A soy boy headband

And finally, the cherry on top:

Roofing nails, what I’ve always wanted.

Altogether - a bunch of crap for $10.

I was gonna wear the compression shirt, but thought it might end up a bit too lewd for the forums.
Big BOC thuggin (the knife protector ain’t for my protection):