WIll this older case work for NAS Killer 5.0? Antec P182

I am in the process of parting out a NAS Killer build and while going through some old parts I had laying around I found the case linked below. Looks like it would hold 10 or 11 drives. My only concern is airflow as this case has zero front fans. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? This will be primarily running Unraid with some VMs for Home Assistant and Linux. Thanks!

My Build List
Tyan S5512
Xeon E3-1240V V2 3.4Ghz
32 GB Kingston ECC UDIMM
EVGA Bronze 80 500W PSU
Antec P12 120MM fans
Crucial SSD (for OS)

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Yep, it’ll work just fine!

I have fond memories of that case.

Any concerns about the lack of fans on the front side of the case? Thanks for the quick response.

No, not at all. Side fans are generally worthless, IMO.

I have that case, and an Antec P280 (it’s an excellent upgrade) and was excited to use it in an upcoming NAS build myself. Only problem that I’ve found in the P280 was that the drive sled mounts from the bottom only mount in the front and middle positions, not the back and front. That means the HGST HC520 drives that I have can’t be mounted. Check the P182 sleds and compatibility with your drives before you get rolling, and beyond that you’re gonna have an awesome case to use.

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I have built many systems in that case, I really liked it because of its quietness and expandability.

Good luck!