Why are my 4K transcodes slow with an nVidia Quadro P2200?

With the new updates to Plex and tonemapping, I figured this was a good time to slim down my library and stop having separate libraries for 4k and HD content. I’ve never had an issue with users transcoding as my upload speeds aren’t the greatest in the world, but as I have been testing Transcoding my 4K content, I am running into slow transcode speeds, despite having a dedicated Graphics Card loaded in. Here are my specs.

Server 2019 Virtual Machine 16 vCPU assigned (Xeon E5 2660 v0) 8GB of RAM nVidia Quadro P2200 (Hyper-V DDA) Tweakbox

When I test internally using a Roku Ultra and set the video quality of a 4K video down to 720 4Mbit, the transcoding will hover right around .8, sometimes dipping below .4 and rarely getting above 1. I would expect, with having the P2200, transcoding should be quite a bit faster (maybe I am wrong?).

4K transcoding is slow on all devices. Just because you can transcode 4K, doesn’t meant you should…

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