Where to start _ never build a server

Hello ,

I am a total newbie when it comes to building a computer, I have never done that . While researching about NAS and building my own NAS I landed on the forum here. My question here is after I order parts what resources should I look at before I start assembling the hardware.

I am really excited and motivated to complete this , appreciate your help with this.

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What do you want your NAS and server to do?


Thanks for replying , mostly data backup and then streaming to 1/2 devices .

Streaming local to your home, or out to remote clients?

Local only to start with.

Can just look at a low spec NK6 then, as per the guide in this section of the forum.

Thanks, I looked at that and was clear on that part , what’s not clear is how to actually assemble :smile: , so was looking for something . Having said that, i found a link somewhere on the site that linked JDM’s YouTube channel i think , i will start with that.

There is, additionally, NO shortage of how to build a PC video on youtube.