Where to buy racks?

Was wondering if you all had any suggestions for where to buy a gently used rack for my server. I have my heart set on something like a half rack or even 18u. I’ve been looking at eBay and $500 for a small rack delivered seems steep. Thanks for the advice!

I’m very partial to these, as pretty much anyone from the discord can tell you…


Racks are big and heavy, so shopping locally is often worthwhile, if you are patient. Craigslist, OfferUp, FB Marketplace, etc. Often there will be small startups or offices that closed down and just want their racks gone. 42U are more common than the smaller sizes. It does depend on where you live; if you’re not near a major city, it’ll be harder.

Ikea is where I bought my (Lack) Rack and Besta SFF “rack”