Where did i go wrong

Dont know how to insert a photo but when booting up i got the error (dont know how to fix it either)

Expansion ROM not initialized

  • PCI Mass Storage Controller on Motherboard
    Bus: 05. Device: 00, Function: 00

So going into the bios i found a few issues;
i had 2 too many ram sticks dropping it to 600mhz (have the f9 bios, read i might need the f8, removing 2 sticks was easier … so i did it)

   Had the lsi sas plugs from mobo to card in plugs 2 and 3 instead of 8 and 9 
 Sas card has 3 2tb hdd 

While the 6 sata cables on the mobo have 500gb ssd 3 8tb hdd and 2 disc drives

After fixing all that i got the blue screen of death with windows and figured well lets start here fix this error, then work on the OS and inaccessible boot device ( my fix load ubuntu on another hdd erase the ssd with windows and start over with windows)

Drag and drop the file into the compose box

Unfortunately i am on a phone as my computer is dead

Then you want this guy

Already tried resetting bios to factory defaults and then seeing boot order only?

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This is out if order

Ok so after various attempts at fixing windows 10, i decided to load uduntu back on. Inserted usb boot to usb loaded ubuntu server not sure where it loaded to as i walked away and came back to this screen

After that turned it off and back on windows loaded perfectly fine so obviously ubuntu didnt go to the 500gb ssd, and i can see the 3 8tb hdd but i dont see any of the 2 yb so my concern is not i overwrote the lsi sas controller

Wait, are you saying that Ubuntu installed itself without any input from you?

Used yumi and selected install to first hard drive

and didn’t check which disk it was? you can boot up ubuntu as a live disk and see what the partition tables for the connected devices look like.

fdisk -l should get you started

Sorry for the delayed response, I was just being dumb, forgot when i reset the bios it turned off the lsi sas controller, only noticed it when i went to turn on the other two ethernet ports.

So we’re all good then?

Yes sir, thank you all for your help