What's your opinion on 'Legacy' builds becoming relevant again?

I’ve been lurking for a short time as I am doing some research on replacing a supermicro x7 gen system. I like the guides; especially from a $ savings point of view. In fact I have read many of the ‘old’ guides just to take note of the hardware being discussed. Some of the old guides are now only a year old and a $400 build might be had for $200 today. My big wonder is what advice the community at large would give.on following the latest guide using more recent hardware (single cpu) vs an old guide with older hardware that would be much more robust with multiple cpus and more memory. Remember, an old guide might only be a year old.

x7 is definitely way too old and should be put to pasture.

The legacy guides are legacy not necessarily legacy because of hardware age.
Most are legacy because:

  1. they are in the old style format
  2. they don’t provide multiple component options
  3. the links are outdated
  4. there’s a guide that supersedes the legacy guide