What should I do... Plex Server Upgrade


I currently have a good old Dell R610 Server running ESXi 6.7;
On which I have built a few Windows 2019 Servers, one of which is running Plex with Xteve and an IPTV feed.

The server itself has 2x X5690 @ 3.47GHz and 96GB of RAM but I feel there’s some bottleneck in transcoding as there is no dedicated GPU and shared CPU loads etc.

Any thoughts on how to get the most out of Plex setup with regards to transcoding / rendering.

Do I ditch the VM and go for a dedicated workstation type desktop or should I look into a GPU option, which I feel is very limited on ESXi.

Thanks in Advance.

I think most everyone here including me would tell you to look at a small low power dedicated machine preferably running Linux.

Look at the OTIS thread and the HP 290 owners thread and also there is a HP Prodesk G4.

Mainly if you look into a “Quicksync” machine (Intel 7th gen or newer) you’ll find a low power setup prebuilt that is lower cost than a GPU for about the same about of energy. That is to say after you’ve opted for a ssd/m.2, ram upgrade etc.

thanks for the awesome information.

The biggest upgrade you can do is setting up Plex outside of your NAS, on a dedicated QSV box - as @Jhunter844 said.