What is a good deal on cost per a TB

What is a good price per a TB SAS drive these days? I am needing to update my Jellyfin server since I am running out of space.

I made a guy an offer to buy 6 Western Digital 12TB 3.5" Ultrastar DC HC520 SAS Hard Drive - HUH721212AL5204 at $70 a piece. They are willing to accept this offer but I am not 100% certain that this is good deal for used drives or not. From what I can tell it is a good deal but wanted some confirmation from those in the know.

We tend to target 10/TB or less. 12 TB for 70 is good (5.83/TB).

Thanks. This is what I was thinking.

Now off to find a SAS card since my current setup is onboard SATA.

If anyone is reading this post still I was just able to purchase 6 of these WD 12TB SAS drive from ebay for $70 each by using the make offer button.

I also found a Adaptec ASR-71605 with 1 GB cache and battery for $19.99 here to boot.

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Good deal! What are you building?

I am just expanding my current Jellyfin Ubuntu server setup. I am running out of space with my 20TB setup so I figure that 60TB should last for an extended time frame.

I built the server about 2 years ago now with the following setup:

6 - 4TB Toshiba SATA drives setup in RAID 5
Fractal Design Node 804 Micro ATX Cube Case
32 GB DDR4
Intel Core i5-9500T
ASRock B365M Pro 4

Still need to order a 40mm fan for the new controller card and the needed SAS cabling.