What did I just buy?

I was super excited to have a quad port gigabit NIC arrive today. And then I went to plug it in. There’s four stickers for 10gb MACs, the card doesn’t seem to be PCI-E but I don’t know what it is. And then there’s a wire soldered between a chip connector and a pad.

I realise that I’ve purchased the wrong thing but what have I bought?

It’s supposed to be an IBM branded i350-T4.

Maybe it’s to some kind of proprietary connection? It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen…almost reminds me of a old ISA/MCA card.

It seems that it might be for an ML2 port. I accidentally found this while looking for another card.

Can you link us the ebay listing?

it’s Lenovo I350-T4 ML2 Quad Port GbE Adapter.


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This is it. Honestly I thought the ML2 was part of the model number.