What CPUs does the GA-7PESH2 support?


That’s the list of all the LGA2011 CPUs, as best as I can tell. Could I get any one from that list and it’d probably work on my mainboard?

I’m considering getting new CPUs with more GHZ (Minecraft servers are rough!) and just wondering how ya’ll discover what CPUs that board supports.


2600 v1 or v2 chips will work with the board. You will have a large selection of chips you can pick from. How much cpu power do you need?

You’ll want to refer to the below list of 2011 v1 and v2 CPUs. One thing you’ll need to make sure of is that your GA-7PESH2 has it’s firmware updated to support v2 CPUs. Otherwise you’ll need a v1 chip (even the cheapest works) to update the firmware, then you can start using v2 CPUs.


If you purchased the board recently, you also have to check your board revision - the 0.2 boards that are currently available only support v1 CPUs.

I’m running a minecraft server, and it’s CPU bound. Sadly, modded minecraft (and probably regular minecraft) is single core dependent. The load on the box is regularly less than 2, but it’ll be 100% on one of those cores.

All my other VMs don’t really stress the CPUs, and I don’t see performance problems with them, and it’s entirely possible that I’m really hyperoptimizing around it. It might be best to build an inexpensive standalone box that has hella CPU power to run the minecraft server.

Yeah I’m on v2 CPUs, I’m currently running: (I bought a v1 cpu for hella cheap to make sure I could update them when I built the boxes like 6 months ago now?)
In the VM server: dual 2.8 GHz Ten-Core E5-2680 v2
in the NAS: dual E5-2630LV2 2.40GHZ 6CORE

I was hoping to find one that included QuickSync, but that doesn’t seem to exist in the LGA2011 set.

These fit that category, dual 8cores at hella fast. Really good passmark scores, but I guess the GA-7PESH2 only does v2 cpus?

Seems as tho, I’ve done pretty good for what I need it to do. Do we have a Minecraft Server thread? heh

It only supports E5-2600 series CPUs, you’ll want to look at something like the 2637/2643/2667 for single thread performance 2011 CPUs.

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