Web dev: need hardware advice


I’m developing and self-funding an ambitious Erlang-based web service— hoping that folks on this inspiring forum can help guide me toward shrewd hardware choices.

Given limited capital, my plan is to develop, test, and launch on on-premises hardware with a plan and capability of smooth transition to the cloud if/when warranted. My research has pointed toward building an OpenNebula private cloud which, as I understand, can simplify operations and move services to the public cloud relatively smoothly. I’m somewhat adverse to the public cloud for, perhaps, irrational reasons.

Here are the minimal hardware requirements for ON:


My needs in order of priority are:

— low noise (hardware will be in my office)
— low power
— affordability (can stretch to $1 or $2K if hardware can support the project through initial start-up phase)

I’m willing to build if that best meets these requirements.

So far I’ve been working with NUCs and MiniPCs. But the ON head node needs to have two nics, which I don’t have; data store needs to support several terrabytes with high level of data protection; the VM hosts system needs to support LXD (a dozen or more LXC Linux containers).

Deep gratitude for your consideration and ideas.

Best wishes,