Want to build NAS Killer 5.0 - looking for feedback

Started from simple research about NAS, finaly I arrived to discovery I want/need simple home server. It will run NextCloud to store some personal files and photos of 4 family members (sort of personal cloud solution), several high resolution videos. Also I want it to run PiHole, weather station logger, someday later maybe several home automation tasks, and have a dream to run small web server for personal blog in future.
After some reading I am looking at ASRock B85 PRO4

to pair it with Intel Core i5-4670K

To add some NON-ECC PC3-12800U 4x4GB (don’t have any real link yet, and have absolutely no idea what size is wise choise)
SSD, maybe 250 Gb for OS - thinking something Ubuntu for starters. Don’t have much experinece, but I hope to learn in doing.
And for all this to use RAID1 with 4-6 TB, depending on luck on eBay or Amazon or local stores.
Can you please share your thoughts, insights or harsh criticism on this?

Is there a specific reason you are wanting the newer hardware vs. a NAS Killer 4.0 build? NK5.0 may become the best value eventually, but for now the NK4.0 is where the price for performance target is set. The CPU you have linked isn’t particularly fast, an you can get previous generation Xeons for less.

If you are looking for an easy button, check out the NAS Killer 4.1 thread. I just purchased one of the combos with an E3-1230v2 (a faster processor than the one in your post), TYAN MoBo, 16GB of ECC RAM, and an onboard SAS controller (plus various cables and such) for $186. Best part is no worries about compatibility.

For OS I’m using unRAID, as that seems to have a lot of support and simplifies some things for an unexperienced Linux person such as myself.

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