VMWare 7.0 doesn't support SAS controller from Gigabyte 7PESH2?

Noticed that VMWare ESXi 7.0 had been released and was trying to upgrade to this from my Anniversery Build setup that uses the Gigabyte 7PESH2. While it’s upgrading, it spits out this warning and ends the upgrade:

Hardware precheck of profile ESXi-7.0.0-15843807-standard failed with warnings: <UNSUPPORTED_DEVICES WARNING: This host has unsupported devices [<PciInfo ’ [1000:0072 1000:3020]’>]>

Using my limited Google skills, that seems to point to the SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 SAS controller.


Seeing how it’s pretty common on here, I was wondering if anyone has gone down this route yet and can provide me some pointers on what I’m doing wrong here. Or am I at the point where I have to get a supported SAS controller?

It should be supported. Have you re-flashed your controller?

Is there something newer than what’s available originally? I had flashed it to IT mode back when I first built the server. Is there one that you would recommend? (just in case I found some weird variant of the firmware out in the wild)

Anyone ever resolve this issue? I just attempted to upgrade to ESXi 7 and am getting same hardware compatibility error related to the SAS controller. @syee @JDM_WAAAT I also flashed the original controller to IT mode as part the original AB instructions. It has been working great with ESXi 6.7. Really hoping my hardware is not out of date already! Thanks.

Out of date? Unlikely.

Not on the HCL? Much more likely.

Have you checked for custom .vib to add support?

this link has the list of two categories of hardware that were removed from esxi and one category deprecated but still present.


the LSI2008 is showing under the vmklinux (removed) category in 7.0.

I have the error as well
Unsupported devices [1000:0073 1137:0072] found on the host.The upgrade has VIBs that are missing dependencies:

So I installed ESXi onto the internal USB port. which went fine, then imported my host backup which went fine, then went to upgrade and it is giving me the same error. Apparently you cannot completely disable the embedded sas raid controller in the bios on the UCS B200 M3 where you are using it or not. Which is the only thing keeping me from upgrading.

Never mind I got it going. Manually upgraded via iso and kvm and continued past warnings. All is good

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Mark, can you elaborate what you did to get the install to work? As I’m reading your post, all you did was do an install from a USB using a physical keyboard, mouse, and monitor, is that correct?

I’m about to attempt to migrate my Anniv 1.0/PESH from Unraid to vSphere/ESXi 7.0u2 and wanted to make sure that I’m not about to experience an epic fail/need to buy a new SAS card.


I’m quite late to the replies. To answer my original question, I bypassed the warning by using the -no-hardware-warning option (sorry, just going by memory here - the actual warning message actually provides the option to use to bypass.

I’m currently on 7.0 u2a so I’m a little behind, but haven’t had any issues yet. Has anyone switched out controllers for their 7PESH2 and have one they would recommend?